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Small Animal Services

At Bush Veterinary Services, we provide a variety of services for your dog and cat family members. Focusing on preventative medicine to keep them happy and healthy, our doctors will devise an individualized wellness plan tailored to your pet that will include yearly exams, vaccinations, parasite prevention and oral health prophylaxis, such as dental cleanings. Our hospital is also staffed with state of the art in-house diagnostic equipment such as a chemistry analyzer and hematology machine to perform blood tests in the case your pet becomes ill, and to monitor your petís well being. X-ray, ECG and blood pressure monitoring are also available on site for such medical emergencies. The pharmacy is fully equipped with many necessary medications for critically ill patients, and ready to be conveniently prescribed for those who are in need of regular medical refills.

Our veterinarians are also skilled surgeons with years of experience in both routine and emergency surgeries. Each surgical procedure is performed with the assistance of one of our registered veterinary technicians. Spays and castrations, as well as a variety of other elective surgeries, including feline declaws and dew claw removal, are performed daily. We also provide emergency surgical procedures such as abdominal exploratory, foreign body removal, c-section, tumor removal, cruciate ligament repair, luxating patella repair and corrective eye surgery, just to name a few. Providing optimal pain control for all our patients is of the utmost importance to our staff. Our patientsí comfort is monitored continuously during their stay, and additional relief is provided as needed. Surgical aftercare and personal owner and patient follow up is the specialty of our registered veterinary technicians as well.

In addition to the aforementioned medical care, our clinic also provides full service boarding facilities with a doctor on call at all times. Limited grooming procedures are also available. We welcome your calls for any comments or questions. Give us a call today!