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Food Animal Services

At Bush Veterinary Services our food animal services are focused on herd health and preventative medicine. We realize by helping you keep your animals healthy, we also aid in keeping you, the producer, more efficient in growing the final product. Routine herd health evaluations, formulation of herd specific vaccination and deworming protocols, as well as routine processing of young animals are the cornerstone of our offered health care programs.

With our on-site large animal hospital and working facilities we are better able to serve our patients' surgical needs as well. we regularly perform surgical procedures such as cosmetic dehorns, umbilical hernia repair, cesarean sections, and many others. The use of our hydraulic tilt table is a vital part of our large animal clinic as it enables us to lift the animals off their feet. This allows us to perform thorough foot exams and provide the necessary care to injured and diseased feet, while the animal is safely restrained. We also perform routine foot trims on herd animals as well as show animals to keep them walking properly.

Our doctors specialize in reproduction and enjoy working with various species to aid in maximizing reproduction efficiency. We work closely with our owners to formulate heat synchronization protocols for their individual herds and then follow up by providing artificial insemination and embryo transfer technologies. We routinely perform pregnancy examinations, both manually and by ultrasound. The in-house ultrasound allows us to completely examine the entire reproductive tract, providing us insight into the cause of reproductive abnormalities. We are also able to conduct breeding soundness exams on bulls to ensure their reproductive health and viability. In addition, obstetrical procedures keep our doctors busy during calving and lambing seasons. We provide 24-hour emergency care to aid you in safely delivering those calves and lambs and are able to perform c-sections here in our fully equipped large animal hospital. Intensive neonatal care is also available for all those brand new babies.

Finally, our staff has a special interest in show animals and their owners. Many of us are past 4-Hers and some have 4-Hers in their households now. We greatly enjoy helping you develop the perfect project. We relish in consulting and providing guidance to all young people, as we are confident they will be our clients of tomorrow.

We welcome any questions or comments and look forward to helping you with all your food animal needs.